Woollen Felt

Felt Sheets and Rolls

Inseal exports a variety of wolleen felt sheets and rolls of various specifications

Product Specification

Specification Soft Medium Hard
Density 0.15 gms/cm3 to 0.25 gms/cm3 0.28 gms/cm3 to 0.35 gms/cm3 0.36 gms/cm3 to 0.40 gms/cm3
Colour White Natural Colour White Natural Colour White Natural Colour
Thickness 2mm to 50mm 2mm to 50mm 2mm to 50mm

Felt Components

Felt Washers

INSEAL Manufactures a variety of Felt Washers which are used in Engine Assembly, Autombile Industries, Filer Productions, Fitting Markets, Pipes, etc.

Felt Wheels

INSEAL supplies Felt wheels which are widely used for enhanced polishing relative to other materials. Wool Felt is an ideal material for a quality level of polish.

Wool Felt wheels are widely used in

  • Glass Indusrties
  • Jewelry and Stone Industries
  • Marbles Polishing
  • Precious Metals

Felt Strips

Woollen Felt strips are mainly used for various types of machines and for cushioning of delicate parts.
  • Felt Polishing Wheels
  • Felt Balls
  • Felt Seals
  • Felt Gaskets

Felt Plates and Discs

INSEAL offers 100% Wollen Felt plates and Discs of density ranging from 0.20 gm/cm3 to 0.50 gm/cm3 and thickness between 2mm and 50mm.

Please send us an enquiry to prices and delivery terms.

Colour Felts

INSEAL supplies and exports large quantities of coloured felts which have a number of applications. Coloured Felts are available in various sizes, colours, densities and dimensions. Thicknesses range from 2mm to 15mm. Please contact us with your enquiry with specific details.