Style 78 – Flexograph

Style 78-Flexograph
SPITMAAN INTRODUCES A new non-asbestos non metallic versatile braided packing made from “Expanded Pure Flexible Graphite Material”. This packing is specially developed to meet with various sealing problems. It is an ideal sealing material to solve the problems of corrosion having excellent thermal conductivity. It has good impermeability for gases & liquids. Best suited for valves handling high pressure super heated steam application , pumps, compressors most organic and inorganic acids except a few strong oxidizing medium such as aqua regia, nitric acid, oleum and some halogen in special concentration. It is recommended for use against acid,alkali, salt solution, organic solvents, oil, hydrocarbons. This expanded graphite packing is one of the most flexible, resilient, soft, light in weight and it has plasticity and settles in gland to form an efficient seal. It has high sealing efficiency at high and low temperature.


Density 1.3 – 1.6 gms/cm3td>
Carbon Content 98% to 99.9% , Also recommended for Atomic energy, Space application.
Temperature -250oC to +800oC (Steam)
The packing is Non-corrosive, exceptionally low chloride content, self lubricating , very low co-efficient of friction and
Non- abrasive.
Pressure upto 450 Bar
PH 0-14
  • Sizes 3 mm to 5 mm is supplied in spools of 10 mtrs.
  • Size above 5 mm is supplied in Boxes/Kgs.
  • Also can be supplied in accurate cut rings.

This packing is also recommended to use as an anti-extrusion ring along with GRAFSEAL especially when the pressure is high. Also can be supplied reinforced with inconel wire, in SPITMANN STYLE 80

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