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PTFE Tubing India

PTFE Tubing is Inseals Flagship product. Our resin is 100% virgin PTFE of the highest quality. Inseal offers a whole range of tubing materials including PTFE Tubes, PFA Tubes, FEP Tubes, and PTFE Hoses. Inseal is one of the best suppliers in India that offers tubes of various sizes and lengths according to you specifications.

PTFE tubes are ideal for the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical, chemical, and related industries. Inseal is one of the well-known suppliers from India of choice of a number of OEMs where quality is a priority.

PTFE is an excellent material for tubing and pipes because of its following qualities:

  • It is chemically inert – it resists aggressive chemicals, lubricants, and coolants
  • It has a very low co-efficient of friction
  • Its working temperature ranges from -200°C to +220°C

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