PTFE / PFA Lined Valves

PTFE / PFA Lined BALL Valves

Lined Ball Valves are widely used throughout harsh chemical, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical factories and plants. The full port design minimized pressure and enhances flow capacity.

InSeal lined valves are specially designed to be resistant to the most aggressive chemicals. The thickness of the lining is calculated to ensure total protection against corrosive chemicals.

The valves is designed to withstand temperatures from -50°C to +240°C and is specially lined with an anti-adhesive, self lubricating material with good resistance to abrasion and shocks. Standard sizes range from 15NB to 100NB.

PTFE / PFA Lined Butterfly Valves

InSeal Butterfly Valves are lined with fluoroplastic materials at all contact areas for resistance against high corrosion and aggressive chemicals. The seal on the stem of the disc automatically closes. The seal ring on the sealing stem makes the valve completely leak proof.

PTFE / PFA Lined Plug Valves

InSeal’s plug Valves are lined with PFA / PTFE materials to completely insulate it against corrosive and aggressive chemicals. InSeal’s lined Plug Valves are one of the most widely known in the Chemical Industry. They provide unrestricted flow when fully open, and are also operable in a throttled position. The moulded liner assures excellent chemical resistance and long service life.