Polyacetal [Delrin]

Acetal provides high strength and stiffness, enhanced Dimensional stability with excellent machineability. It’s semi-crystalline structure is characterized by a Low co-efficient of Friction and good Wear properties. The material has a High Modulus of Elasticity, Rigidity And Good Electrical Properties. It offers excellent Resistance to Moisture, Gasoline, solvents & many
Other neutral chemicals and is recommended for Operating temperatures upto 82°C.

Typical Product Applications : Bearings, Bushings, Electrical Insulators & Electrical Components, Gears, Machine Guides, Rollers, Timing Screws, Anti-Friction Parts, Pulleys.

INSEAL Manufactures Polyacetal in form of Rods From 6 mm. to 250 mm. Diameter in Meter & Foot Lengths, Sheets from 10 mm. to 70 mm. Thickness in sizes of 1000 x 620 mm. and we also provide custom-fabricated