Oil & Solvents, Acids, Alkalies and Chemicals

Style No. “SPITMAAN” Temperature (Centigrade) Service Recommendation
1500 Solva 425o Asbestos packing manufactured from high grade asbestos yarn impregnated with oil resisting synthetic compound by a controlled process during which each strand is treated with fine graphite and a special grade of lubricant suited for hot and cold oils, solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum distillates and oil refinery services.
Please specify when the rod or shaft is STAINLESS STEEL
1513 500o Asbestos-reinforced brass wire packing treated with oil resisting synthetic compound having suitable lubricant. Incorporation of brass wire improves strength and anti-friction properties. Best suited for petrochemical applications under high pressure conditions.
Please indicate specifically when the rod is STAINLESS STEEL
1490 300o Special grade of asbestos DUPLEX BRAIDED packing suitably lubricated and treated with graphite to withstand caustic liquors, including caustic potash, soda, lime, ammonia and sulphides. An ideal packing for paper mill applications. PH 4 – 12.
1094 -150o to +300o High grade asbestos fibre yarn DUPLEX BRAIDED packing impregnated with special PTFE suspensoid for severe caustic and other corrosive chemical, solvents, oils and petroleum byproducts and oxygen service. PH 2 – 12.
1603 -150o to +300o A combination packing with specially selected fluoropolymer PTFE fibre and chemical resistant inorganic fibre yarn for resisting against corrosive medium and concentrated acids. This construction improves the strength and chemical inertness of the packing. This combination packing is further treated with PTFE suspensoid. This packing can be used against acids, chlorine, in valves, pumps having chrome plated or stainless steel shafts. PH 2-14.
1003 -150o to +300o A combination packing concentrically braided with special compound to resist hot concentrated alkalies, organic and dilute acids. A very special low friction packing recommended to be used with high speed pumps,agitator shafts, oils, solvents, ammonia solution, concentrated caustics and ketones. PH 2-12.
1 -200o to +290o A super fluorocarbon fibre interbraided packing. This packing is developed for pumps, valves, mixers, agitators involving applications for highly corrosive chemicals, oxygen service, acids and alkalies. PH 0-14.
2 -200o to +290o A 100% pure PTFE packing impregnated with a special chemically inert suspensoid. A good packing for control valves, pumps handling corrosive gases, ammonia, foodsuffs and pharmaceuticals. It is an ideal packing for sealing dryers, mixers and agitators. Due to high tensile strength of the fibre, this packing is best suited to be used in high pressure valves and reciprocating pump applications. PH 0 – 14.
3 -200o to +290o A PTFE fibrous packing having special DUPLEX BRAID to increase dimensional stability treated with inert high temperature lubricant. This packing is safe, non-toxic and flexible for use on pumps, for concentrated acids, alkalies, oils, solvents and gases. PH 0-14.
23 -250o to +300o A DUPLEX plaited flexible combination packing having super grade fluoropolymer intimately treated with graphite to enhance lubricity and heat dissipation. This packing is self lubricating mechanically strong and widely used in chemicals, petrochemicals, power plants, paper, pulp and food industries. PH 0 – 14.
36 -240o to +300o A graphite bonded fluoropolymer fibre packing DUPLEX BRAIDED to improve thermal conductivity and lubricity for maintaining extremely low friction, chemical resistance and reduces maintenance cost. Best suited to valve stems, centrifugal pumps, woodpulp, Caustics, oils, solvents, acids and strong chemicals. This packing is widely used in Refineries, Petrochemicals and Fertilizer Industries. PH 0 – 14.
38 -200o to +600o An interbraid carbon filament high temperature resistant packing with low friction characteristics for sealing against boiler feed pumps, high temperature high pressure valves, condensates, dryers, against non-oxidising mineral acids, fuel oils, thermic fluids, petroleum products, steam and water. This packing has excellent thermal dissipation and self lubricating properties. PH 1 – 14.
40 -200o to +950o Same as above, but reinforced with inconel wire. The heat resistance and conductivity property enables it to be used under arduous conditions. The corrosion resistant wire reinforcement provides the packing to withstand high pressures. An ideal packing for super heated high pressure control valves especially when die formed, apart from other common industrial applications. PH 1 – 12.
66 650o A 100% pure graphite fibre packing treated with special high temperature lubricant to prevent seepage through the packing. This packing is self lubricating. It eliminates shaft wear because of graphite fibre which has low co-efficient of expansion, high heat conductivity and high temperature resistance. A premium service packing to withstand against acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, steam, fuel oil, hot tar pumps and hydrocarbons. It is universally being used by maintenance technicians to seal the most demanding applications in valves and pumps. PH 0 – 14.
166 -200o to +300o A combination of synthetic graphite fibre with specially treated PTFE fibre. This packing is widely used in chemical and petrochemical installations for oils, degreasing fluids, concentrated acids, corrosive gases, for resistance at high speeds. PH 0 – 14.
174 -200o to +300o A most advanced technology packing. A special DUPLEX BRAIDED construction made from synthetic aramid fibre as strong as steel and most flexible, Safely recommended for pumping granular and viscous fluids, even under high pressure condition. This packing is suitable for solvents, abrasive slurries, fuel oil, high pressure dozing pumps, mild acids and alkalies. A most effective packing for refinery, high pressure water injection system and as an anti-extrusion packing. PH 3 – 12.
172 -200o to +280o This is a cross braided combination packing having pure PTFE fibre with special high pressure resistant fibre filament yarn incorporated in it. This packing is most suitable to all fluids and corrosive chemicals. It has exceptionally good dimensional stability, creep resistance and is non-toxic. Recommended for dairies, food and pharmaceutical industries, refineries and fertilizer plants. This packing can withstand high pressure conditions in both rotary and reciprocating applications. PH 2 – 12.
176 -200o to +300o A high quality combination packing incorporated with graphite/PTFE fibres and special synthetic fibre to give additional reinforcement of sliding surface and heat dissipation property. It is most suited in centrifugal and reciprocating pumps with high pressure and sliding velocity for abrasive media. It resists hot water, oil, gases, greases, liquid ammonia and carbamate solution under high pressure conditions. PH 3 – 12.