Jacketed / Metallic Gaskets

Gaskets with a soft pliable core, surrounded by a metal jacket that totally or partially encloses the filler material. Pass partition bars can be incorporated, either integrally or welded into the gasket. Jacket may be corrugated.


Metallic jacketed gaskets are specially designed and widely used for heat exchangers, autoclaves, columns, pressure vessels, flue stacks, boilers, gas mains, valve bonnets, pumps and similar services. The metallic gaskets are manufactured from a soft, pliable filler core surrounded by a metal jacket, chemically and thermally resistant to the working conditions, which may totally or partially enclose the filler.

The majority of these types of gasket are supplied in circular form but can be manufactured to other shapes to suit individual requirements. The method of manufacture enables gaskets to be produced with almost no size limitations. They are produced in different styles to API, ASME DIN and BS standards.

Metal Jacket

Metallic gaskets are only used in the annealed condition and limit the hardness of the metal in line with international standards as shown.


Selection of the correct filler is important and as standard we use a soft non-asbestos filler. This metallic material is constructed from inorganic fibre and inert fillers, suitably bonded, which produces a material having very similar characteristics to those of asbestos millboard. A data sheet on this material is available on request. Alternative fillers include expanded graphite, PTFE, compressed non-asbestos fibre and ceramic fibre.

How to order

If material is known:
  • Quantity
  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Nominal Bore and Flange specification or sizes
  • If unsure of material – all above plus full operating conditions, eg. Temperature, pressure, media

Typical Uses

  • High pressure oil field drilling and production equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pipeline valves
  • Gas and chemical plants