Marine and Hydraulic Water, Oil

Style No. “SPITMAAN” Temperature (Centigrade) Service Recommendation
2222 130o This is specially developed lubricated non-graphited long vegetable fibre braided packing for marine applications. It has been further lubricated with a low friction dry lubricant to enhance antifriction property for use in sea water and fresh or river water applications, water wheel shafts or rubber and stern glands.
2224 150o The most critical parts to seal in a ship are the stern tubes and the rubber post. With this view in mind, a most reliable packing is specially developed form non-asbestos tough vegetable fibres. The packing is impregnated with lubricants which protect the packing structure. This packing is therefore most suited for use in marine against sea water in rubber posts and stern tubes, oils, weak alkali solutions and in paper plants.
2300 130o This packing is manufactured form high tensile strength vegetable fibre thoroughly impregnated with a special lubricant and graphite. Suitable for fresh and salt water, pen-stock and heavy duty hydraulic applications
376 130o A special non-graphited soft natural fibre yarn packing impregnated with first grade lubricant suitable for high speed centrifugal pumps, compressors and refrigerations, D M Water, cooling water and condensate pumps. Owing to the pliable nature of the material used this packing permits free motion of the rod.
374 150o DUPLEX BRAIDED fine soft vegetable fibre packing self lubricated. Each strand of this packing is specially impregnated with additives along with break-in lubricant having the property of self lubrication and media repelling action. This packing is best suited to seal glands of pumps, valves, handling condensates, demineralised water and for cold and hot hydraulic applications.
3116 130o A fine natural fibre braided packing impregnated with lubricants and graphite recommended for use on reciprocation and rotary pumps, valve spindles, refrigeration machinery and compressors. The packing presents a smooth surface that will not score shaft or sleeves because the soft fibre constantly absorbs the liquid being pumped and maintains a soft and pliable running face on the shatf.
600 ‘A’ Steam 280o An asbestos proofed semi-metallic packing with strips of white metal intermittent layers embedded. Used on steam expansion glands, marine engines, compressors, pumps, winches and hoists. A special high pressure medium temperature packing for ships and ship building industry, sugar mills, etc.
143 Metaflex A 560o Aluminium foil, crimpled under mechanical process with high grade lubricants, sealed in layers and folds built around asbestos or non-asbestos rovings. The packing lacks resilence but permits compressibility. Used for high peripheral speeds on rotary crude oil pumps, petroleum distillates, steam compressors, turbines, hot oil valves, brine, hydrocarbons etc. Shafts should be of 500 brinell hardness or over.
146 Metaflex L 300o A soft white metal foil anti-frictional packing similar in construction as above for high peripheral speed. The packing is soft enough to present the shaft with a bearing alloy that reduces scoring. Recommended for fuel and crude oil, fresh or salt water refrigerator pumps, air compressors, abrasives, crystallizing or congealing liquids such as sugar, asphalt and medium temperature slurries. It is also used as anti extrusion rings in combination with regular braided soft packings.
789 C Ammonia 130o A soft flexible laminated proofed fabric packing impregnated with lubricants which reduce friction and shaft wear to a minimum. Used extensively in ammonia and refrigerating pumps, compressors and water service.
777 Auto Lip 130o A fine fabric composition precision packing with a lip section for automatic self sealing service on accumulators, press rams, cranes and reciprocating rods under heavy duty hydraulic application.
778 Auto Lip Metallic 130o A packing similar in construction as above but with white metal pegs embedded on rod surface increasing bearing property. Not suited for non-ferrous soft metal rods.
714 Oelit 130o A proofed fabric packing with synthetic compounds to resist service conditions of oils, petroleum distillates, solvents and hydrocarbons.