Grafseal is manufactured from pure graphite (99.5 % to 99.9 % Carbon) containing no oil or grease, susceptible to melting out, or vapourisation; no binder or additive that could contaminate process steams.

GRAFSEAL’S extraordinary chemical and physical properties make it an ideal material for manufacture of different types of Packings and Seals for pumps, valves and flanges.
GRAFSEAL establishes new standards in sealing performance. Plant and Maintenance Engineers throughout industry specify GRAFSEAL packings to optimise equipment life and to achieve higher efficiency in productions. The use of GRAFSEAL results in low leakage, less labour, minimum maintenance and also minimizes the higher cost of downtime.
Hence it is the common choice in industries like Heavy Electricals, Thermal Power Stations, Fertilizer Plants, Steel Mills, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Nuclear Installations, Heavy Water Plants, Paper Mills, Foodstuffs, Chemical and other Process Industries.
GRAFSEAL is considered a premium performance gland seal arrangement by manufacturers of valves and pumps especially so for steam control valves and boiler water feed pumps.