EPDM Rubber Profiles

EPDM Rubber Profiles

EPDM is the one of the most preferred material around the world by engineers. A Thermoset Elastomer, it is amenable to many processes and when vulcanized offers excellent physical properties such as compression set resistance, resistant to cracking, good UV stability, greater flexibility even at lower temperatures, and in addition it is also resistant to steam and moisture. EPDM has unmatched versatility and finds usage in a number of industry-specific requirements.Inseal International is one of the best EPDM rubber suppliers from India.
EPDM is by far the lightest rubber, thus, its final product is longer in length (meter) per unit weight. This characteristic helps its spectrum of applications greatly.

Bus Body Building Profiles

InSeal supplies world class profiles for Buses. They are designed in such a way that it provides excellent sealing without getting affected by ambient temperatures, climatic conditions, vibrations. They are ozone resistant and hence do not develop cracks.

Architectural Building Profiles

EPDM rubber profiles are used in architectural building offers excellent grip and holding of glass to aluminum provides excellent sealing against dust, water, and winds. It’s ability to withstand harsh weather, water and extreme heat makes EPDM the best choice.

Container Seals

Container seals are used are used to prevent air, moisture, heat amd water from entering into the container and they help in preservation of the stored articles.

Solar Water Heater Profile

EPDM seals are used in solar heaters to effectively prevent air, moisture, water and dust from entering into the heaters. EPDM rubber is an excellent material to protect solar heaters from damage.