Butyl Sealant Tapes

Butyl Tapes India

Inseal International is the leading manufacturer and supplier of butyl tapes in India. Butyl sealant tapes are pressure induced sealing strips with strong adhesion capability. They are applied to a wide spectrum of surfaces as metals, glass and various other materials that make up for high-end applications from Telecommunications to Windmill Turbines. Their total sealing strength is useful in soundproofing (dampening) and complete prevention of dust, moisture and air that could be harmful to sensitive components. Apart from being impermeable to gases and vapour, the sealants are resistant to heat, oxygen, ozone, sunlight and equally resistant to a diverse range of chemicals. The Butyl Tapes are of the non-vulcanized variety with properties as non-shrinking, non-straining and remaining unaffected prolonged contact with all of the metals, nor do they harden up over a long time. Their excellent dielectric insulation and temperature resistant qualities to both hot and cold, enable them to be used in harsh environments.

Weathershield / Flash Strip

Weathershield is an easy to apply self bonding tape. Weathershield comprise of water-proofing layer of aluminium sheet firmly adhered to a pressure sensitive adhesive backing proteced by release paper strip. It bonds to a wide range of building materials to form an instant, permanent and watertight seal.

Applications: Waterproofing, sealing, insulation and repairing in construction, industrial roofing ( concrete, asbestos, glass etc.) pipes, cables, refrigeration and many other domestic applications.

Vaccum Bag Tape

A thick, Rubber-Based adhesive tape that is sticky all around, is used to form and airtight seal along the edges of Vacuum Bags. This Tape is use in Vacuum Bagging of Composite Parts. This Tape will seal the bag to Aluminium, Steel and Fiberglass surfaces yet strips easily after cure. Use to Plug Leaks and Tears in the bag that can develop during cure. The Tape remains soft and pliable at temperatures in excess of 180 ° it is also referred to as Tacky Tape.

Roofing Tape

A pressure sensitive tape based on Butyl Rubber with excellent adhesive to various ROOFING and BUILDING materials such as cement concrete, metal, asbestos, wood, plastic, glass, fiberglass, textiles, etc.

Mastic Tape (Cable Jointly Kit Acc.)

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Door Foil Adhesive

This Tape is use in Doors for Automobile Industries and it effectively prevents passage of moisture, water and dust. It has got excellent dimension stability and helps in reducing vibration.

Hotmelt Sealants and Adhesives

InSeal hot melt sealant has been scientifically researched and developed in our own in house laboratories. It’s specially formulated with elastomeric rubber compounds to provide installation ease, high tensile strength and lasting flexibility. It is strong, versatile, convenient, waterproof, highly elastic, crack resistant, chemical resistant, environmentally friendly, and economical.