About Us

About Us

Inseal International Pvt. Limited is a family owned and operated company with over 4 decades of experience and commitment is the high performance sealing, packing and insulation services. We are the fastest growing export houses and have a strong presence among major industrial firms globally. We have extensive background in providing recommendations to clients of ideal solution to all their jointing, sealing, and insulation materials to handle the most aggressive media types. We offer our highest quality products at globally competitive rates.

Our major product categories are Jointing Sheets, Mechanical Packings, Industrial Gaskets, PTFE products, Rubber Products, Industrial Valves, and Other Sealing Solutions. Inseal has a very high rate of satisfied clients who come back to us to procure all their sealing and engineering requirements. Inseal is committed to focusing on quick turnaround times, on-time delivery and quality products enabling us to become your premier product supplier. Inseal supplies to a number of industries including automobile, chemicals, oil & gas, food processing, pharmaceuticals, refining, petrochemicals, steel, mining, and equipment manufacturers.

Values and Quality

Originally set up as a small firm offering sealing solutions to local and domestic firms, Inseal International has grown into a export power house and by building a global brand and offering the highest quality sealing, insulation and engineering products. Inseal International continues to develop next-generation sealing and insulation materials which ensure reliable quality products. Our cutting edge innovation, wide products range and efficient client services are unparalleled in the industry.

Our Values

We shall be efficient, proactive and transparent in our policies and dealings. We work on the values of integrity, empathy and flexibility. We believe in seeing things from our customers perspective and are willing to be flexible to address their issues and needs.